Google’s Penguin Update – How to recover? 12:08, May 23, 2012

Google’s Penguin Update – How to recover?

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Many small businesses are scrambling to avoid being relegated to the internets junk bin since Google has tweaked the way its search engine rank websites by making a change in its algorithm, known as “Penguin”. Now it is commonly known as Google’s Penguin update by internet marketer and webmasters. This Google’s Penguin update seems very controversial in the online world as many small owners and webmasters believe that they got hit by this update unfairly because they have been following white hat SEO techniques to boost the ranking of their websites. On the other hand, Google believe that only 3.1% of the businesses are affected by this Google’s Penguin update and this recent change in algorithm is not to penalize websites that follow its rules but it will enhance the user experience by showing more relevant searches.Google's Penguin Update Matt Cutts, a Google engineers and head of Google’s web-spam team explain it as a well directed step to stop the manipulation of search engine as many websites try to get higher search ranking than they actually deserve by deceiving. This Google’s Penguin update will bring those websites down from search engine ranking and will help to reduce Web Spam. Mr.Cutts further explain that web-pages with overloaded keywords, websites using paid inbound links or online businesses using keyword stuffing to get higher search engine will be severally punished after this Google Penguins update. However, this update will help those site owners who are focused on building useful web-pages with quality and interactive content for their audience. Regardless of this explanation by the head of Google’s web-spam, numerous site owners are still little spooked to promote their website now as they believe that any move by them can be consider unethical by Google and they would lose their rank as many other websites have lost it. So what is a solution to this Google’s Penguin Update? How should small business proceed with online marketing? There is no need to be scared at all, in fact you should just keep the basics right and make sure that you are not following any black-hat or grey-hat SEO techniques to promote your website. Here are some useful tips to help you to recover from Google’s Penguin update:

1 Use keywords when only required: You should review your website content and make sure that you are not overly using certain keywords phrases to get artificial traffic. Keywords are great but if you would use them too much, content would be marked as a spam and it can be removed from the rankings altogether.

2 Create Social Signals for your web content: You should create a buzz of your website on social networking and social media sites. Develop your own unique style and create a content which is compelling and meaningful for visitors. This way, you will not only get higher search engine ranking but you will also get some direct traffic from social media sites as well.

3 Content should be helpful and interactive for users: It is always recommended to produce quality content which is interactive and helpful for your target audience. It should actually be addressing the real issues of visitors and giving them a complete and meaningful solution. It will help you increase the natural flow of traffic towards your website and your website ranking would automatically be improved. If you will follow-above mentioned tips, it will not only help you recover from this Google’s penguin update but it will also strengthen your online presence against any future changes in Google algorithm to reduce further web spamming.

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